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10 reasons to join Prospect for Archaeologists


  1. Everybody needs a voice at work, and sometimes it can be difficult to speak up if you have a problem. With Prospect your voice will be stronger than if you speak alone. The union can also provide some anonymity if needed.
  2. Workplace cultures and processes can be complex to navigate – you need an independent expert, solely on your side.
  3. We will help you develop at work – we offer training, mentoring and other support, giving you skills that will help you take an active role in Prospect and benefit you in your professional life.
  4. We are a community of people like you – successful individuals that care about their work. We have reps and members who work both on-site and in the office doing the jobs you do, and understand issues you may face.
  5. We give members an advantage – through free personal advice, legal and pension expertise.
  6. We negotiate with and influence employers and government to ensure members share in the success they generate. We are politically independent, enabling us to lobby with credibility in all quarters.
  7. We campaign for better workplaces and satisfying work – collaboration with other members gives wider influence.
  8. We make sure your surroundings are healthy and safe.
  9. We offer benefits and financial services available only to members.
  10. If the day comes when you have a good case for representation in a court or employment tribunal, Prospect will pay your fees. Left on your own, one hour’s advice from a high street solicitor could easily cost you more than your annual subscription to Prospect.

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