Members' guides

Members' guides

Prospect members’ guides are short expert guides on a range of topics to help you at work. They cover some of the question’s members ask Prospect every day - like maternity rights, how to deal with stress, employment contracts and more.

Download the guides below, but if you need more help or advice, contact your Prospect rep at work or our Member Contact Centre.

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The menopause: a workplace issue   info
This guide aims to: raise awareness; explain employers’ responsibilities and give reps guidance on good practice and levers that can be used to address the issues in their workplaces.

Workplace Pensions   info
This guide aims to help Prospect members understand the main issues facing them in planning for retirement and simple steps they can take that could have a positive impact on their income in retirement.

Public sector pensions   info
Public sector pensions - A Prospect review. October 2021.

Members' guide to part-time and flexible working   info
Members' guide to part-time and flexible working: includes types of flexible working, part-time workers' rights and equality legislation

Lyme and tick-borne diseases   info
This guide for reps outlines the main tick-borne infections, how the risk should be managed in the workplace and provides suggestions for engaging with the employer in the management of the risk.

Media and social media   info
This guide addresses how Prospect reps and branches may engage with the media or use social media to campaign or raise issues or awareness of a branch.

Safely using devices with screens at work – including remote working   info
This guidance is for members who work with devices with screens – desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones – collectively known as display screen equipment, or DSE.

Whistleblowing   info
Whistleblowers play an essential role in exposing corruption, fraud and malpractice and in preventing disasters resulting from negligence or wrongdoing. This guide includes information on: qualifying and protected disclosures; legal advice and workplace policies

Combined Nuclear Pension Plan DC scheme member guide   info
Combined Nuclear Pension Plan DC scheme member guide

TUPE regulations   info
New regulations on the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) – known as TUPE – came into effect on 31 January 2014. They updated the TUPE 2006 regulations which were designed to safeguard employees’ rights when a business or organisation transfers to a new employer. Updated June 2021.

Tackling the gender pension gap   info
The information in this members' guide is tailored around life events (which different people will experience in different ways or not at all and in different sequences). It also aims to demystify pensions and explain key decisions and actions at important life stages.

Atypical workers and employment status   info
A guide for members working on atypical contracts, including freelancers, consultants or members working on variable or ‘zero hours’ contracts.

Open pension schemes in the electricity industry – 2020 Prospect report   info
Prospect’s Research department has produced this guide for members in the electricity sector. It will help you assess your pension provision and make the most of what your company has to offer. It will also prove useful when members are considering moving jobs and will hopefully form the basis of campaigns to improve provision in companies that are behind the industry average.

Tackling the gender pension gap 2020 – Achieving gender equality in pensions   info
Our third annual report on the gender pension gap. Prospect has been campaigning on the gender pension gap, which is the percentage difference in pension income for female pensioners compared to male pensioners, for many years and our annual reports have highlighted the extent of the gender pension gap and the immediate need for action to be taken to remedy this.

Members' guide to home and remote working   info
This guide explains a number of issues that need to be considered if you are thinking about working from home or are already doing so.

Members' guide to preventing work-related stress   info
Advice and support for preventing work-related stress

Members' guide to promoting mental health at work   info
Advice and support for promoting mental health at work

Members' guide to job evaluation and grading support   info
This guide covers the job evaluation process, challenging the results and identifying common attributes or factors

BAME resource pack for reps and members   info
Resource pack for black, Asian and minority ethnic members and union reps

The menopause: a workplace issue   info
This guide aims to: raise awareness; explain employers’ responsibilities and give reps guidance on good practice and levers that can be used to address the issues in their workplaces.

Sexual harassment   info
A workplace guide to dealing with sexual harassment

Harassment and bullying   info
This guide aims to raise awareness of what constitutes unacceptable behaviour and advise members and reps on how to deal with it. It covers: the different kinds of harassment and bullying, the law; employers’ duties and negotiating a policy.

Members' guide to equality at work   info
An overview of the legal rights that relate to equal opportunities at work as at August 2020.

Safer driving and work-related road risk   info
This guide aims to safeguard you as a road user, protect you as a duty-holder and enable Prospect reps to measure and promote their employers' compliance. Updated September 2019

Lone working   info
Advice for anyone who travels alone, carries out fieldwork or works at outside premises. Update March 2019