Expense claims for Prospect business

Prospect expenses claims

Members should be neither in or out of pocket while on Prospect business.

For most meetings, Prospect covers the actual costs that members incur for accommodation, refreshments, travel by public transport, taxi fares, parking and sundries. Receipts must be provided for all claims.

The NEC issued guidance to branch secretaries and treasurers about members' expenses, following an inspection by HMRC in 2014.

The main change is that HMRC now requires all expenses claims to be accompanied by receipts – previously we did not ask members to provide receipts for items costing less than £5.

There have also been minor changes to some of the travel and subsistence rates, including the reimbursement rate for those in receipt of a company car allowance. The new guidance took effect from 1 May 2014.

In general terms, as was the case previously, we ask members to use their common sense in claiming expenses bearing in mind two main principles:

  • members should be neither in or out of pocket while on Prospect business; and
  • expenses are being paid from other members' subscriptions.

However, to avoid any doubt, please refer to the full guidance. The annex contains details of current travel and subsistence rates, but for ease of reference they are reproduced below. These rates may be adjusted from time to time.

Members' travel and subsistence rates, May 2018

1. Indicative subsistence rates

Breakfast: up to £6

Lunch: up to £10

Dinner: up to £25

Where members normally have their main meal at lunchtime they may claim more than £10, but we would expect a claim for an evening meal to be proportionally lower.

2. Overnight accommodation: Indicative hotel rates (inclusive of VAT)


Days' Inn (020 7922 1331): Special Prospect rate of £117.00 (includes breakfast)

Imperial Hotel Group - various hotels in central London including Tavistock, President, Royal National, Bedford and Imperial (020 7278 7871 and quote hotel). Rates from £99 per night (includes breakfast.

Travelodge London Central Waterloo (0871 984 6291): £93 (excludes breakfast)


Up to £100 per night (including breakfast)

3. Travel

Private car

Private car - 33p per mile. An additional claim may be made for each passenger carried at the following rates:

  • first passenger - 2p per mile
  • other passengers - 1p per mile (each)

Company car

Where members use cars provided by their employer, or if they are in receipt of a car allowance, reimbursement will be at the mileage rate for that car from the employer up to a maximum of 16p per mile.

Motor cycles

Reimbursement for use of motor cycles is at the rate of 24p per mile.

Pedal cycles

Reimbursement for use of a pedal cycle on Prospect business is at a rate of 20p per mile

(NB. Mileage rates for Prospect staff and members are reviewed from time to time taking into account data supplied by the AA, HMRC and others. Updated figures are posted to the relevant page of the Prospect website)

Rates quoted are as of 3 May 2018