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Equality and Diversity


Prospect Archaeologists’ Branch Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy



1) To provide a supportive framework for members experiencing discrimination, harassment or bullying in relation to any of the protected characteristics (Equality Act 2010) or any other reason

2) To raise awareness of equality issues in collective bargaining

3) To help ensure equality and diversity policies are meaningful and implemented fully


Short term (within 6 months)

  • Publicise branch E&D strategy draft online and in print (Profile magazine Jan 2019)
  • Establish links with E&D reps in Heritage branch
  • Recruit at least 5 E&D reps from existing members, or from new joiners
  • Appoint reps specifically for LGBT+ and BAME representation
  • To request branches within recognised employers are provided facility time for Equality reps
  • E&D reps within recognised employers
  • Form E&D reps’ network within branch to act on specific challenges (see below)
  • Raise awareness of Whistleblowing policies (where they exist) and protection they offer


Medium term (within 12 months)

  • Archaeologist Branch attendance at national LGBT+ and BAME Conferences
  • The E&D reps to work within employers to ensure Objectives 2 and 3 are prioritised
  • Organise event as part of wider one day Conference


Our E&D reps within the branch:

Sadie Watson  (MOLA)

Jeannette Plummer (Brython Archaeology)

Claudia Tommasino (MOLA)

Our branch LGBT+ reps within the branch:

Penelope Foreman (Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust)

Florence Smith Nicholls (MOLA)