Latest leaflets and posters


Prospect fair pay poster   info
Prospect fair pay poster

Prospect join poster   info
Prospect join poster

Prospect equality poster   info
Prospect equality poster

Prospect Bullying poster   info
Prospect Bullying poster

Prospect and Bectu year planner 2020   info
A3 size year planner for 2020

BT London Network - Union Week 2019   info
Poster advertising Union Week events in BT London

Union week 2019 - 3MF offer poster   info
Union week 2019 - 3MF offer poster

Standing up for civil servants   info
A4 poster produced for Civil Service Live events 2019


Prospect and Bectu desk calendar 2020   info
A4 desk calendar 2020

Dignity at work – a charter for the energy sector   info
Prospect's charter for the energy sector on: • Fatigue and working time; • Stress, Equality, diversity and inclusion; • Training and development; • Pay.

Prospect legal Union Week flyer   info
A year with Prospect legal Union Week flyer

Union week - a year with Prospect Legal   info
Flyer setting out some of the legal successes for Prospect & BECTU members since last year’s union week.

Settled status – a guide for EU workers   info
Prospect and Bectu guide by Thompsons Solicitors

Prison Service recruitment leaflet   info
Prison Service recruitment leaflet

BT location strategy leaflet   info
BT location strategy leaflet

The climate crisis – be part of the solution (Bectu)   info
A5 leaflet explaining why unions should be part of the solution to the climate crisis