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Health, Safety & Wellbeing


Within your branch are 16 Health & Safety Reps. These reps have all been trained by Prospect and have legal rights under the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1977 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.


Your branch H & S Representatives are:


Mike Curnow (Branch Health & Safety Lead)

Steven Allen | Phone (work): 01904663037

Ian Betts | Phone (work): 02075669328

Thomas Black

Jessica Bryan | Phone (work): 02074102200

Geraldine Crann | Phone (work): 01865 980761

Mary Ellen Crothers

Benjamin Cullen

Brian Dean | Phone (work): 01865263800

Amy Derrick

Paul Dunn

Aidan Farnan

Ireneo Grosso

Stacey Harris

James Hopper

Tamsin Jones

Douglas Killock | Phone (work): 02076399091

Stuart Ladd

Margaret Leman

Bryan Matthews

Dominic McAtominy

Andrew McGuire

Ryszard Molenda

Tibi Nica

Becky Peacock | Phone (work): 01865 980726

Stu Pierson

Paige Savage

Helen Stocks-Morgan | Phone (work): 07584501548

Stefano Ricchi

Luke Roberts

Stephanie Said

Kelly Sinclair

Andrew Souter

Independent research shows that effective H&S reps can reduce work accidents by up to 50%. This positive impact is known as the union effect and only works when there are enough members willing to become H&S representatives.


What does a H&S rep do?

H&S reps are volunteers committed to making a difference to health and safety at work by:

  • fostering positive health and safety practices in the workplace
  • recognising and bringing to management's attention any dangers at work and then helping to tackle them
  • promoting the health and safety interests of colleagues and ensuring that, where someone is made ill or injured, effective arrangements for their return to work and rehabilitation are in place.