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Prospect Archaeologists

Who's who

    A few introductions as to who's who....


The Archaeologists branch is part of the Heritage industry in Prospect.


The Archaeologists branch has a committee made up of:

Arron Baker (Prospect Negotiations Officer)

Louise Staniforth (Prospect Organiser)


The Branch Committee are





Jessica Bryan


John Joyce

Membership Secretary (vice chair)

Cat Gibbs


Sadie Watson

Branch E&D rep


Branch YPN rep


Ben Saunders

Branch Learning rep

Penelope Foreman

Branch LGBT+ rep> 

Mike Curnow

Branch H&S rep

Evelyne Godfrey

Branch BAME rep

Ben Ford

Oxford Chair

John Boothroyd

Oxford rep

Denise Druce

Oxford rep

Andrew Greef

Oxford rep

Chris Brown

Independent rep

Alexandra Kriti

Independent rep

Jeannette Plummer

Independent rep


Ellen Green

PCA Secretary

Dougie Killock

PCA rep

Sian O’Neil

PCA rep

Andrew Souter

Wessex rep

Laura Andrews

Wessex rep


The branch committee, taking direction from its reps and members, work on issues facing the industry as a whole, and supports sections in their work.



Within the branch are the sections, and each section has it's own Chair, Secretary, reps & health & safety reps. Your rep's will introduce themselves when you join. The sections are:

F181/AC Archaeological Solutions Section
F181/AI Museum of London Archaeology Section
F181/AJ Individual Members Section
F181/AL Pre-Construct Archaeology Section
F181/AF Oxford Archaeological Unit Section
F181/AO Welsh Archaeological Trusts Section
F181/AP Wessex Archaeology Section
F181/AH York Archaeological Trust Section
F181/AV NAC Ltd Section
F181/AA Canterbury Archaeological Trust Section
F181/AM AOC Archaeology Ltd Section


The sections work on issues facing members within their organisations such as pay negotiations, redundancies, disciplinaries and  policy changes.



And of course there are the most important people, the members. The members communicate the issues they are currently facing, and highlight where the section and branch committees should direct their resources.