Pensions briefings

Pension briefings

Download now: This pension briefing for Prospect reps outlines evidence to support requests for improvements to contribution levels for defined contribution schemes. This guide also contains examples of high quality pension schemes and guidance on general guidance for reps on seeking pension improvements.

Branches seeking improvements to contribution levels are recommended to seek guidance and support from the Union's Pension Officers. Rep Briefing for Defined Contribution Pensions
Download now: Briefing on the introduction of the public sector exit cap and the impact this has on members of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). Public sector exit payment cap in Local Government briefing
Download now: An update on the Employment Tribunal decisions on complaints that pension protection for older judges and firefighters was unjustifiable age discrimination. Age discrimination in the judges' and firefighters' pension schemes
Download now: Update briefing note on Pension Protection Fund with new branding - October 2019. PPBN - Pension Protection Fund
Download now: Briefing on Class 3 National Insurance, used to top up State Pension entitlements. Class 3 Voluntary National Insurance
Download now: Briefing note giving background to the pension tax relief regime and latest developments on how pension tax relief is restricted for higher earners. This includes information on the Lifetime Allowance, Annual Allowance and the Tapered Annual Allowance. Introduction to pension tax relief
Download now: Prospect pension briefing note on salary sacrifice arrangements for pension contributions Salary sacrifice