Apply for an eBranch

eSite checklist

  • Watch our short training videos
  • Download the user guides
  • Experiment with our demo eBranch
  • Speak to your Prospect organiser - they'll want to know that you're thinking of using an eBranch
  • Decide which modules you want to use
  • Check that your branch/section officer records are up-to-date. 

Ready to go ahead?

Fill in our short online form

Your branch or section officers will automatically get admin rights, as explained on this web page. Please take a moment to check that the list of officers on our membership database is up-to-date. Let your negotiating team know if there are any changes.

We'll turn on the modules you've asked for, but we'll put the eSite in draft mode. This means it's hidden from your members, giving you time to work on the content.

The first thing you should do is add welcome text to your home page, and include a named contact in case your members have any queries. If you're using the documents module, upload at least one document. If you're using the news updates module, publish at least one update. If you're using the discussion forum, kick-start it by posting about a topic that's likely to generate an active response.

When you're ready for it to go live, let us know.

After we've confirmed that it's live, tell your members about it! Here's a suggested message:

We've set up our own eBranch/eSection, a private area of the Prospect website which only logged-in members of our branch/section can see. We will use this to keep you informed of local Prospect issues by [publishing news updates/uploading key documents/hosting our own discussion forum - list as appropriate].

To access the eBranch/eSection you will need to log into the members-only area of the Prospect website. If you haven't already registered to use the Prospect site, we strongly encourage you to do so:

  1. Go to, click the login link on the right then select 'first-time login'
  2. Enter your surname, membership number and home postcode.
  3. These will be checked against the Prospect membership database. Once they are verified you will be asked to set up a personal password.
  4. At the end of the registration process you will automatically be logged into the members' area.

When you log in, click on the arrow to the right of your name and you'll see a drop-down list. 'Your members' areas' takes you to a page with direct links to all the eSites you're part of. Click  the one you want to visit, and you'll see navigation links to the full eSite content on the left-hand side.