Recruitment leaflets and posters

Recruitment leaflets and posters

Union week - a year with Prospect Legal   info
Flyer setting out some of the legal successes for Prospect & BECTU members since last year’s union week.

Prison Service recruitment leaflet   info
Prison Service recruitment leaflet

Civil servants deserve better   info
A5 recruitment leaflet, produced to coincide with Civil Service Live 2019

Prospect – the union for tech, recruitment flyer   info
Recruitment flyer for tech workers'

How woman-friendly is your organisation?   info
Checklist designed to generate thought and discussion around women-friendly workplaces. Produced to coincide with International Women's Day 2019

Equality calendar 2019   info
Leaflet listing key religious festivals and other key dates to helps reps organise awareness raising events, activities or discussions around equality and diversity in their workplaces

I want to see fair pay...   info
A4 recruitment poster, I want to see fair pay and careers, advice and support when I need it...

Benefits and services recruitment leaflet 2019   info
Benefits and services leaflet for Prospect members (excluding Children's Services Group who have their own version)

A powerful voice at work for you   info
Energy sector recruitment leaflet

Help at work Prospect recruitment poster   info
Help at work Prospect recruitment poster

Member recruit member (Welsh language version)   info
Member recruit member and application form in Welsh

LGBT+ equality – It's a union issue, Prospect recruitment poster   info
LGBT+ equality – It's a union issue, Prospect recruitment poster