Branch and regional courses

Branch and regional courses

Prospect branches, sections and regions can get funding from the education team to run their own training courses.

Running your own training can be useful if you have a specific current issue that the branch needs to deal with, or if several reps in a branch or region need training or updating on the same skills or issues.

You can use elements from any of our courses or briefings to devise your own bespoke training session. The education team can advise on course content and how to plan training that will work well for the number of people attending and the time you have available.

Branch and regional training is usually supported and delivered by the full-time Prospect officer(s) for the relevant branch or region, so speak to your negotiating team before you put in an application.

To keep costs down and ensure that Prospect is able to offer funding for branch/regional training across the union, we ask branches to use employers' premises and other facilities wherever possible and to identify training locations that will minimise expenditure on travel and accommodation.

You should submit an application for funding to the education team at least one calendar month before the proposed course start date. If you  have any questions about the form or the application process please email the education team.

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