News across the union

News across the union

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BT has now tightened the screw further on employees in the most vulnerable position, those facing losing their jobs as a result of redundancy.

Prospect is sad to report that Grahame Robinson, full-time convenor for BAE Surface Ships branch at HMNB Portsmouth passed away recently.

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Prospect is disappointed that a story run by the Daily Record on Sunday 8th November is particularly misleading and that no attempt was made by the Daily Record to talk to Prospect as one of the Unions recognised by Historic Environment Scotland before publishing their story.

Staff Networks

  • 05 November 2020
Earlier this week four Atkins colleagues joined together to discuss their involvement with a Staff Network, Prospect Union or both and how Staff Networks and a Trade Union could help each other at Atkins.

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Karen Flanagan is the Head of Special Education and Inclusive Intervention Services in the London Borough of Camden, and is also a Prospect member who sits on the Education and Children’s Services Group Executive Council. She talks to Boc Ly about her career, the impact of the pandemic and her belief in unions.