Learning and organising


Learning and organising

If your branch has a union learning rep (ULR), workplace learning initiatives can be a good platform for recruitment.

ULR posterAs well as promoting a learning culture within the workplace, ULRs have the opportunity to increase member involvement in union activity and recruit new members, activists and other ULRs.

Non-member learner enquiries provide an ideal opportunity to discuss the wider union offer and benefits of membership. A positive experience with a ULR can often encourage colleagues to join and build a stronger union presence within the workplace.

ULRs should attend regularly, and contribute to, any Prospect branch or committee meetings. Working together, learning and skills development should be a regular agenda item for discussion.

As a ULR, branch or committee you may want to consider:

  • carrying out a membership mapping exercise to build a picture of where the members and non-members are, then building an associated action plan
  • running a learning themed event in your workplace to raise awareness of Life Long Learning and recruit new members.
  • raising awareness of the range of free local or union organised learning opportunities

For more information on how to carry out any of the above, please contact your Prospect organisers.