Prospect logo and house style

Prospect's house style

The following guidance will help you apply the Prospect house style to your branch publications. Scroll down the page to see a list of downloadable resources.

Our logo

good prospect logo

You can download our logo in black and white, dark blue or light blue. All three are in JPEG format, which is suitable for both printed materials and on-screen, eg websites and intranets.

Once you've downloaded and stored the logo on your computer's hard drive, you cannot 'open' it directly from File Manager or Windows Explorer. It is designed to be imported into a word processing or desk top publishing document (eg by using the File, Insert drop-down menu).

There is a separate Word document that can be used as a template for branch circulars and correspondence - the logo is embedded in the document.

bad prospect logoThe logo is an important part of our identity. If you resize the logo in a document  make sure you do not distort the proportions by stretching or squashing it. The logo in this paragraph has been badly distorted - please avoid this!


Prospect's house font for basic written communication (letters and circulars) is Tahoma, which is pre-installed on most PCs and Macs.


Prospect's 'house' colours are dark and light blue. If you are having branch literature printed professionally you should note the following colour formats and formulae:

  • Pantone colours: dark blue - Pantone 302; light blue - Pantone 7459
  • CMYK colours: dark blue - C100 M25 Y0 K50; light blue - C70 M5 Y5 K10
  • RGB colours: dark blue - R0 G51 B102; light blue - R102 G153 B153
  • Websafe colours: dark blue - #003366; light blue - #669999

You can use customise the colour palette in Microsoft Publisher and Word using some of these formulae.

If there are restrictions on your internet access that prevent you from downloading the logos or template, please contact Graham Stewart at Prospect communications; he can e-mail them to you or send you a CD.

Downloadable resources

A quickstart guide to Prospect’s eSite system   info
A brief 2-page guide to our eSites (eBranches, eSections etc), including details of how to access our demo eBranch for training purposes.
 10 October 2019 

Template for branch letterhead   info
A Microsoft Word template containing our logo. The template can be adapted to create your own branch letterhead. Once adapted, either retain the ".dotx" extension and save the file to your Microsoft templates folder, or resave it as a Word document anywhere on your system.
 11 September 2019 

Prospect's eSite admin guide   info
Full instructions for administrators of our eSite system for branches, sections, groups, networks and sectors. Version 8 - October 2019.
 10 October 2018 

Model retention letters for members changing jobs, looking for work or retiring   info
Model retention letters for members changing jobs, looking for work or retiring
 19 October 2015