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Code of Conduct (get ins fit ups. get outs)   info
V20 Dec 2021

Public Service blank A4 poster – Welsh   info
Welsh language poster

91K job cuts in the Civil Service flyer – Welsh   info
Campaign flyer in Welsh

91K job cuts in the Civil Service poster – Wlesh   info
Campaign poster in Welsh

Public Sector pay campaign checklist   info
Checklist helping you to organise your campaigning

World class heritage – Second class pay report   info
A Prospect research briefing

91,000 Job cuts A5 flyer   info
A5 flyer

91K civial servancts job cuts poster   info
91,000 job cuts poster

Natural England pay report Feb 2022   info
The “State of Natural England” has been covered in several reports over the past few years. These touched lightly on the plight of the staff, the principal aim there being to strengthen the organisation in terms of resources to tackle the various climate and conservation emergencies. But it is now time to focus on those staff.

EDF renewables recuirtment flyer   info
A5 recruitment flyer for EDF staff working in renewables

Digital technology – a guide for union reps   info
Fundamentally the issues raised by new technology, of transparency, inclusion, and fairness, are those that trade unionists have always dealt with in the workplace.

Mentoring guide   info
A handbook for members undertaking the mentorship journey, either as mentor or mentee.