Branch S131: Rosyth Royal Dockyard

Rosyth Royal Dockyard


The Babcock Marine (Rosyth) branch of Prospect has been established since Rosyth Royal Dockyard was privitised and acquired by Babcock, and was previously a MOD Prospect branch. The branch currently has an increasing membership.

Prospect is the only Non Industrial trade union recognised by Rosyth management to represent the interests of the non industrial & management grades throughout the company. 

The branch is actively involved in discussions and negotiations with management on issues including pay and conditions, Health & Safety, performance management, annual leave, maternity/paternity rights, genuine reward for performance, professional development and procedures for fair treatment. The branch seeks to provide the greatest level of support it can to its members.

The branch has an active e-Branch and coordinates its activities with the Babcock Marine branches at Clyde and Devonport.