Scottish gender pay gap report “a step in the right direction”

Scottish gender pay gap report “a step in the right direction”

Prospect has welcomed a Scottish government report on the gender pay gap – but disappointed that it did not recommend lowering the threshold for pay reporting

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Prospect gave evidence to the Scottish Government’s Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee’s report into the gender pay gap in Scotland: “No small change: the economic potential of closing the gender pay gap”.

The union has campaigned long and hard on gender pay equality and the need to address the structural inequalities facing women in many industries, which remain male dominated.

Richard Hardy, the union’s national secretary in Scotland, said: “Prospect has worked on a women returners programme with Equate in Scotland for a number of years. So we are very pleased that one of the report’s recommendations is for a properly resourced, Government-backed returners scheme, appropriately tailored for participating sectors.”

Hardy also welcomed the committee’s findings on:

  • the need for employers to change their language and imagery around roles in the workplace
  • its acceptance that the real level of gender pay inequality in Scotland is much higher than the 6% figure calculated by the Government, and
  • its call for all employers to conduct equal pay audits to ensure their pay systems do not discriminate.

Hardy expressed disappointment that the committee shied away from making other crucial recommendations. “The committee missed the opportunity to commit all employers to challenge gender equality by not lowering the 250 employee threshold for pay reporting.This means tens of thousands of workers across Scotland will remain below the radar.

“However the committee’s report is a step in the right direction. We look forward to the Scottish Government’s response and to continuing our work and campaigning on this crucial issue,” he concluded.