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Accenture Pay Freeze
11-Dec-2023 15:00

BT Pay Survey
6-Dec-2023 14:53

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Briefing: Prospect Pay Bulletin March 2024
info 26-Mar-2024 11:49
Latest news on inflation, pay and labour market trends.

Circular: Standard: Letter from the General Secretary to the MCO
info 8-Mar-2024 14:35
Letter from the GS to the MCO regarding additional flexibilities under the Civil Service Pay Remit Guidance (CSPRG) and whether they could be extended - with particular reference to arm’s length bodies (ALBs).

Circular: Standard: Joint letter by Prospect and FDA to CO
info 8-Mar-2024 14:03
Joint letter prepared by Prospect and FDA to the Cabinet Office on the remit guidance for 2024.

Briefing: Prospect Pay Bulletin February 2024
info 28-Feb-2024 12:21
Latest news on inflation, pay and the economy.

Briefing: New migration rules: threat to UK science and STEM
info 22-Feb-2024 14:49
Prospect will update this briefing as new information is published or clarified by the Government, or new issues come to light. If you are aware of information, issues or scenarios not covered in this briefing please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

Briefing: Prospect Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap Report 2023
info 13-Feb-2024 09:12
Comprehensive data on Prospect's gender and ethnicity pay gap in 2023.

Briefing: Prospect Pay Bulletin July 2023
info 24-Jul-2023 11:04
Latest news on salaries, settlements and more.

Briefing: Pay Bulletin June 2022
info 23-Jun-2023 13:30
Latest news on salaries, settlements & more