Agitate, negotiate, litigate for equal pay

Agitate, negotiate, litigate for equal pay

Women in Prospect will mark equal pay day on 7 November

The gender pay gap of around 15 per cent means that women are effectively unpaid from today until the end of the year.

Prospect is continuing its campaign for pay equality through a joint approach of negotiation and litigation.

The Equal Pay Act was introduced more than 40 years ago but women still earn markedly less than men. Responses to the union’s last annual members’ survey showed a gender pay gap for Prospect members of around 22 per cent, with the median level of pay for men at £41,000 compared to £33,700 for women.

A TUC report released today shows that women working full-time still earn almost £5,000 a year less than men, though the pay gap in some jobs is three times bigger.

Frances O’Grady, TUC general secretary, says the gender pay gap is a huge failure and “it is crazy that employers are missing out on billions of pounds worth of women’s talent, skills and experience every year.”

Prospect’s fight for equal pay continues following the successful case at the Intellectual Property Office earlier this year. This resulted in pay increases of up to £8,000 for more than 180 members.

This week Prospect’s legal team is looking at two new areas for multiple equal pay claims.

“Prospect has achieved some great results from targeted equal pay litigation over the last few years and we need to continue to build on this,” said Marion Scovell, Prospect’s legal officer.

If you think there is an equal pay issue in your workplace, please contact your full-time Prospect negotiator.