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Employment law update: Employment-law-update---increase-in-compensation-for-injury-to-feelings 2024
info 28-Mar-2024 17:13
Employment-law-update---increase-in-compensation-for-injury-to-feelings 2024

Employment law update: Employment Law Update - Carer’s Leave Act 2023
info 28-Mar-2024 11:55
A legal update to explain the change in the law permitting employees to take (unpaid) time off in order to care for a dependant.

Employment law update: ICO Guidance on Monitoring Workers
info 15-Nov-2023 11:15
The ICO have published new guidance on how employers can monitor workers in compliance with the UKGDPR. This guidance sets out the legal requirements and well as good practice, and up-dates the information in the Employment Practices Code to cover the introduction of new types of technology.

Employment law update: Employment Law Update 493: The Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act 2023
info 1-Aug-2023 14:55
An explanation of the new legislation on flexible working, which was passed into law on 20 July 2023.

Submission: Retained EU Employment Law Consultation on reforms to the Working Time Regulations, Holiday Pay, and the Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment) Regulations
info 27-Jul-2023 10:12
Retained EU Employment Law Consultation - Submission by Prospect to the Department for Business & Trade 7 July 2023

Submission: Consultation on Code of Practice on Dismissal & Re-engagement
info 18-Apr-2023 17:50
Prospect's response to BEIS on the consultation of a statutory code of practice on 'Fire & Rehire'

Employment law update: The Importance of Wording in Settlement Agreements & COT3s
info 19-Dec-2022 11:54
This update analyses a recent judgment of the Court of Appeal which highlights the importance for negotiators and advisers to try to ensure that the agreement is specific to that employment and future claims, of which the employee could not reasonably be aware, are excluded from settlement agreements or COT3s.

Employment law update: Smith v Pimlico Plumbers - plumber wins landmark case over holiday pay in Court of Appeal
info 15-Feb-2022 14:46
The Court of Appeal [CA] has decided in Smith v Pimlico Plumbers that the Claimant could recover compensation for all of the unpaid leave he had taken throughout his employment.