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Employment law update: Direct pay offer to employees was an unlawful inducement
info 27-Oct-2021 12:07
The Supreme Court has ruled that an employer was acting unlawfully by making offers direct to workers when pay negotiations stalled. In the landmark judgment of Kostal v Dunkley & others, the Supreme Court has ruled it was unlawful for the employer to make offers direct to the workforce when negotiations with the recognised union had not been exhausted.

Members' guide: Media and social media
info 1-Sep-2021 13:35
This guide addresses how Prospect reps and branches may engage with the media or use social media to campaign or raise issues or awareness of a branch.

Members' guide: Safely using devices with screens at work – including remote working
info 1-Sep-2021 00:01
This guidance is for members who work with devices with screens – desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones – collectively known as display screen equipment, or DSE.

Employment law briefing: Atypical workers: freelancers, interns, apprentices and volunteers – legal rights and status 2021
info 29-Apr-2021 12:45
Atypical workers: freelancers, interns, apprentices and volunteers – legal rights and status - questionnaire

Employment law update: Employment Law Update 482 - Update on Holiday Pay
info 20-Apr-2021 15:55
In the long running case of Smith v Pimlico Plumbers , the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has determined that workers do not have a carry-over right in respect of annual leave that is taken but unpaid.

Employment law briefing: Employment-law-briefing 43 Compensation-and-remedies-for-unfair-dismissal-and-discrimination-claims-2021
info 16-Mar-2021 09:41
This Briefing sets out the basic principles for calculating compensation in claims of unfair dismissal and discrimination cases. It is only a summary of the main provisions, and does not seek to cover all circumstances.

Employment law update: Supreme Court find Uber drivers are workers
info 19-Feb-2021 11:16
The Supreme Court has given judgment today in the eagerly awaited Uber case, and have upheld the earlier decisions that the Uber drivers are workers with statutory rights. In a very welcome judgment, the Court has applied a practical and purposive approach to determining employment status.

Employment law update: Civil Service Compensation Scheme & age discrimination
info 22-Dec-2020 10:16
We have received several queries about age discrimination issues in the civil service compensation scheme (CSCS) payments for severance. This update looks at the potential for tribunal claims. A similar article for sharing with members is going on the Prospect web site.