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2023/00982 Letter Letter from Mike Clancy to Chancellor re civil service numbers 031023 03 October 2023
2023/00681 Submission McCloud Remedy Consultation Response - May 2023 10 July 2023
2023/00284 Circular: Standard Public Services Sector Annual Report 2023 16 March 2023
2023/00283 Circular: Standard Public Services Sector Action Taken 2021 16 March 2023
2023/00269 Briefing Dealing with the media (picket lines) 13 March 2023
2023/00248 News release Public services industrial action template press release 06 March 2023
2023/00249 Press Release Template press release for local papers 06 March 2023
2023/00134 Circular: Standard Environment Agency industrial Action 03 February 2023
2022/01142 Letter Letter from Jeremy Quin MP to Mike Clancy re: pay 14 December 2022
2022/01141 Letter Letter from Mike Clancy to Sir Simon Case in response to a communication sent to Civil Servants 14 December 2022
2022/01140 Letter Letter from Mike Clancy to Jeremy Quin MP re industrial action 14 December 2022
2022/00807 Circular: Standard Building for action - building our industrial response and standing together 26 September 2022
2022/00809 Attachment Letter re AA tax charges 20 September 2022
2022/00769 Letter Letter from Mike Clancy and Dave Penman re sexual harassment and workplace culture in Westminster 06 September 2022
2020/00533 Information update (News) 3% pay increase for public sector workers in Scotland 14 April 2020
2020/00181 Information update (News) Welcome movement on Scottish public sector pay 07 February 2020
2019/01465 Information update (News) Prospect meets Scotland's First Minister 27 September 2019
2019/01451 Information update (News) Civil servants need clear and unambiguous guidance on how to respond if they believe ministerial instructions may be unlawful 24 September 2019
2019/01391 Information update (News) Prospect writes to Cabinet Secretary demanding he protect civil servants 13 September 2019
2019/01305 Information update (News) Prospect warns government must respect purdah rules 03 September 2019
2019/01259 Information update (News) Civil service failing to address discrimination in performance management outcomes 19 August 2019
2019/01182 Information update (News) Prospect writes asking for urgent meetings with new cabinet members to discuss members' concerns 26 July 2019
2019/01175 Information update (News) Civil servants must not be a punch bag for politicians 25 July 2019
2019/01165 Information update (News) Planning inspectors to shine light on hotel room standards 24 July 2019
2019/01150 Information update (News) Government cap again singles out the civil service for the harshest treatment on pay 22 July 2019
2019/01139 Information update (News) Double standards on pay shows either ignorance or disdain for what the civil service does 19 July 2019
2019/01099 Information update (News) Joint letter from Prospect and the FDA, defending civil servants and their impartiality 13 July 2019
2019/01081 Information update (News) MPs must step up to end toxic culture in parliament 11 July 2019
2019/01075 Information update (News) Supreme Court denies govt appeal of firefighters and judges' pensions 10 July 2019
2019/01026 Information update (News) This call for civil service leave to be cancelled in August smacks of panic and hypocrisy 01 July 2019