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Recent Activities - Updated 2 Sep 22


2 Sep 22 - Pay Negotiations : Verbal Discussion and Update, Martin Bannister and Adrian Evans

Following no response from the company about the pay claim, Martin Bannister made direct contact with Adrian Evans, to obtain some kind of update. (Further to rumours arising around LGW from unofficial discussions).


2 Sep 22 - ELMS Issues : Outstanding points remain unanswered

Many issues and questions remain unanswered about the implementation of ELMS as the means of assessing Engineering Competence. Martin and Adrian have verbal conversation to try to address these points.

5 Aug 22 - Pay Negotiations : Specific Pay increase claim submitted

Following further dialogue with eJ management, it was requested that we specify the salary increase claim.

1 Aug 22 - Pay Negotiations : LAE Competitor Pay Chart

In an effort to understand current market conditions for LAE pay, research was carried out, online and verbally to others in the industry, and a chart has been produced highlighting the disparity between ourselves and others, which will be used as support in the upcoming pay negotiations. We intend to research other area's in the coming weeks.

27 July 22 - Pay Negotiations : Claim submitted to eJ management

Following the results of the member pay survey, a Pay Claim was submitted to eJ management for their consideration.

18 July 22 - Pay Negotiations : Initial meeting for 2022 Pay Talks

Initial meeting between the eJ management team, the ENC reps and Prospect Negotiator John Stevenson. The key discussions were around the cost of living crisis, inflation and fuel price rises which affect all staff. Points for mechanics, A licensed and LAE's, were the changes in pay at competitor organisations, the recognition of higher levels of attrition, and the need to attract new employee's. eJ are keen to build a "package", in place of being a salary leader.

18 July 22 - Wearing of Shorts in the workplace

With the UK's highest temperature forecast, the wearing of suitable shorts in the workplace was explored with the management team, however declined at this time for Health and Safety reasons. This is an issue we will explore further.

15 July 22

Pay Survey sent to all eJ Prospect members, to ascertain opinion ahead of the Pay negotiations.