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Members - Keep your Prospect records up-to-date

It is vitally important that our members keep their online Prospect records up to date

Accurate membership records are essential. They underpin a variety of functions including Profile and Report magazine distribution, bulk emails and ballots, and the issue of Prospect membership cards. If your branch is planning a ballot on industrial action, it's particularly important that your records are up-to-date.

Prospect are not automatically advised if you change employers, your role within a company or email address.

We intend on making greater use of this site to share information and updates with you. To maximise the success of this, you may also choose to change your communication preferences, opting in or out of email updates as you see fit. For communication, we look to support your privacy and data, and suggest that you might wish to register with a personal email address for your Prospect account. Have a look at our keeping your union communications secure safe article for further information.

If you've never logged into the site before, please see our quick guide on how to use the first-time login process.

For information on how to update your details online, see our quick guide on how to check and update your details online.