Branch S205: National Trust For Scotland

National Trust For Scotland

Prospect is the recognised trade union for all employees of the National Trust for Scotland which means that Prospect representatives, elected by NTS Prospect members at the Annual Delegate Conference every November, negotiate on things like pay, terms and conditions of service and change, as well as providing individual support to members.

The overriding aim of Prospect is to achieve fairness for all employees, irrespective of grade, whilst in employment. We also work with NTS management where possible to ensure the long-term viability of the organisation.

There is an active local committee and support network of representatives you can speak to right across the Trust workforce. We have a good record of effective consultation and negotiation with the organisation at national and local level.

Prospect is the only independent voice for all employees at the National Trust for Scotland.

If you are a members please direct enquiries to Branch Secretary, Alexandra Hinz [email protected]  or Prospect Negotiations Officer, David Avery [email protected]  

Members receive updates directly by email, and can log onto e-branch for the latest member only updates.