Branch N727: NIAB EMR Ltd


Prospect is the recognised union for staff at NIAB EMR. Nationally we are the union of choice for staff employed in a range of professional roles and from a wide range of employers, including many involved in agricultural and horticultural research including NIAB EMR, Rothamsted & John Innes Centre to name just a few.

Why do I need a union? Whether you are new to the horticultural research sector or have worked in it for years, Prospect exists to advise you and ensure that you get the best from your job:

Advise: on any concerns you have about your job or your career; and if necessary can provide legal support if you have an issue

Represent: you both as an individual or collectively in discussions and negotiations to help you get the best deal at work

Assist: you when you have a problem at work

Negotiate: on your behalf on pay awards, working practises, terms and conditions of employment, redundancies, restructuring and health and safety

Protect: your health and safety by representation on NIAB EMR’s health and safety committee, as well as advise and negotiate on your contractual and legal rights at work

Our current work Prospect is consulted on all matters that affect you contractually at work – this means that for NIAB EMR staff, Prospect negotiates your pay and conditions of service, and is involved in consultation on restructuring, resourcing and working practices.  We are currently negotiating on terms and conditions of service, including pay structure to protect the benefits that NIAB EMR employees currently enjoy.

Membership matters In both collective and individual representation, the union relies on colleagues joining Prospect and members participating – collectively we have a voice and recognition.  We keep our members involved and seek their views via regular branch meetings.  In addition we have a network of contacts in other research institutes to ensure that we are kept abreast of pay and employment negotiations and developments within our sector.