Branch N701: Education and Children's Services Group

Branch N701: Education and Children’s Services Group

Prospect's Education and Children’s Services (ECS) group represents non-teaching professionals in the education, children's services, early help, commissioning and children's social care field.

Members are based throughout the UK, and work across a range of sectors serving the interests of children and young people, including the public, private, faith, voluntary and community sectors. These professionals include:

  • advisory headteachers
  • directors and managers of children's services
  • school improvement and early years advisers
  • education welfare officers
  • youth and community service officers
  • Early Years Professionals/EYTs
  • nursery managers
  • 14-19 co-ordinators
  • heads of Sure Start
  • Ofsted inspectors
  • advice, inspection, support service (parent partnership) staff
  • early help specialists
  • commissioning staff.