Branch E278: Food Standards Agency

Food Standards Agency

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is an independent, non-ministerial department, responsible for food safety and food hygiene in England and Wales. It also protects consumers through effective food enforcement and monitoring. As a Government department, independent regulator and consumer protection body, it uses the best available evidence and works with  - businesses from farm to fork to help them keep consumers safe; local authorities and other food law enforcement bodies to help them take proportionate, timely and resolute action, and consumers to provide reliable and up to date information to help them make safe choices about food. The Agency is responsible for meat hygiene inspection at slaughterhouses and meat production plants.

Prospect is formally recognised by the Food Standards Agency and we represent a range of specialist and professional staff including Scientific Officers, Researchers, Policy Advisors, Information Officers, Communications Officers, Librarians, and Veterinary Officers. We represent members on all matters including pay, grading and terms and conditions as well as providing individual representation where necessary.