Branch E039: Trinity House

Trinity House

Prospect has a single union agreement covering all shore-based staff employed by Trinity House. The agreement covers staff working in Harwich, Swansea, London and St Just in Cornwall.

Trinity House is the General Lighthouse Authority (GLA) for England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar. Its provides aids to navigation (AtoN) to assist the safe passage of a huge variety of vessels through some of the busiest sea-lanes in the world.

Regular traffic ranges from dinghies to super tankers, which have stopping distances running to miles and turning circles to match. It has an array of over 600 aids to navigation, ranging from lighthouses to a satellite navigation service.

Its responsibilities include the annual inspection and auditing of over 10,000 aids to navigation provided by local port and harbour authorities and those provided on offshore structures such as production platforms or wind farms. Trinity House is also responsible for marking and dispersing wrecks which are a danger to navigation.