Branch E003: GE Healthcare Biosciences (Amersham plc)

GE Healthcare Biosciences (Amersham plc)

Prospect is the only recognised trade union within GE Healthcare activities in the United Kingdom.  The work undertaken had its roots from a national centre set up in 1946 for the development and manufacture of radioactive materials for peacetime uses in medicine, scientific research and industry. This centre originated in the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) but in 1971 was split out into the Radiochemical Centre and was privatised 1982 under the name Amersham International plc.  In 1997, Amersham merged with Nycomed (Norway) to form Nycomed Amersham plc, but in 1999 the Nycomed Pharma subsidiary was sold.  In 2004, Amersham was acquired by General Electric (GE) and incorporated into the GE Healthcare business segment.

Prospect retains its collective trade union recognition rights for all staffs employed at all the old Amersham sites including the Global Headquarters at Pollards Wood, Imaging and Diagnostic work at the Grove Centre at Amersham, Pharmaceutical Research at the Maynards Centre in Cardiff.  The work undertaken includes members employed in manufacturing of healthcare products, research and development, IT, Finance, Procurement, HR and all support functions.