Branch C009: Air Traffic Control Officers

Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs)

The ATCOs’ Branch  looks after Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) working in the United Kingdom at en-route centres, control towers and training establishments in both operational and non-operational roles. Although the majority are employees of NATS, an increasing number are employed by other providers such as BAATL (Birmingham Airport), The London Heliport and Oxford Airport. The ATCOs’ Branch deals with other ATC specialists such as FISOs, Watch Managers, Training Managers and many other key roles.  

Our members work throughout the country and are organised into a national Prospect Branch, with individual Sections to ensure that we can provide the best service possible. Prospect is the recognised trade union for these jobs in most employers, and negotiates on behalf of members on all matters such as Pay & Conditions and Health & Safety, as well as providing individual representation and advice when required.

The ATCOs’ Branch has an active branch committee with representatives active in all areas of the business.  For more information about the branch go to