Why we are launching our Dignity At Work charter

Why we are launching our Dignity At Work charter

Sector president Richard Clatworthy explains why he believes our Dignity at Work Charter for the energy sector is so timely and important.

Dignity At Work In Energy

Prospect has represented energy workers for more than 100 years and we remain, to this day, the strongest voice for engineers, specialists and professionals working in the sector.

So we are well-placed to know that the sector is facing some major challenges at the moment.

New technologies, the drive to decarbonise, poor management, stagnating pay, heavy workloads and an ageing workforce are just some of the issues that are diminishing the quality of our members’ working lives.

It should not, and does not, have to be this way.

We believe that all energy employers need to take urgent action to ensure that their workplaces are safe, healthy and happy places that allows all employees to fulfil their potential.

This is why we are launching our ‘Dignity At Work’ charter for the energy sector. We have outlined several areas where employers can commit to meeting specific objectives. 

They are:

  • A culture of respect and engagement
  • Fatigue and working time
  • Stress
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Training and development
  • Pay

To find out more information about each of these topics and how we would like employers to engage with them, we have published a Dignity At Work leaflet, which can be downloaded from the Prospect library.

We have also created a special page on our website where you can find out more about the Dignity At Work Charter.