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Leaflet/booklet: Protecting workers' health and safety in renewable energy (concise version)
info 17-Aug-2021 10:22
Summary version of the longer 'health and safety in renewable energy' booklet, with QR link to the full report.

Leaflet/booklet: Protecting workers' health and safety in renewable energy
info 13-Aug-2021 11:05
The renewables industry has witnessed massive growth in the last decade, but this has not been accompanied by the robust health and safety processes we see in other forms of energy generation. As a result, professionals in renewables are exposed to a significantly higher risk of injury or ill-health.

Briefing: Economic Impact of UK Nuclear
info 10-Aug-2021 15:08
Prospect briefing on the economic benefits of nuclear power (July 2021)

Rep's guide: Representatives’ guide to fatigue in the energy sector
info 4-Jun-2021 15:35
Representatives’ guide to fatigue in the energy sector

Leaflet/booklet: A workforce investment plan for our energy networks
info 20-May-2021 18:16
Prospect has repeatedly called for a regulatory framework that holds companies accountable for investment in their net zero workforce. Important decisions on budgets for training and skills development, health and safety, and workforce diversity will, in the 2020s, shape companies’ ability to respond quickly and effectively to the net zero challenge. To use Ofgem’s terminology, we need to see a more vigorous and transparent approach to deliver ‘workforce resilience’,

Leaflet/booklet: A Just Transition – Managing the challenges of technology, trade, climate change and COVID-19
info 2-Feb-2021 14:26
A report by David Coats, Visiting Professor, Centre for Sustainable Work and Employment Futures, University of Leicester Research Fellow, the Smith Institute

Briefing: 2020 Spending Review - initial analysis and briefing
info 26-Nov-2020 09:15
The 2020 Spending Review sets non-capital (or “Resource”) budgets for all Government Departments for the financial year 2021-22, determining how much money Departments and associated Arms-Length Bodies have to spend on pay, recruitment and other running costs for that year. It therefore has important consequences for civil servants and anyone working in the public sector, as well as for citizens, businesses and communities who benefit from their work. This briefing sets out initial analysis of the new economic forecasts and budget allocations published with the Spending Review, and highlights announcements and developments of particular interest to Prospect and Bectu sectors.

Briefing: A Just Transition plan for the UK Power Sector
info 13-Oct-2020 16:11
Discussion paper, October 2020. The climate emergency demands a rapid and radical response: fossil fuels must be dislodged from the heart of our energy systems and replaced with low-carbon alternatives if we are to achieve our legally binding target of net zero emissions by 2050.

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