Hinkley Point shows the jobs and energy security new nuclear will bring

Hinkley Point shows the jobs and energy security new nuclear will bring

Two years on from contracts being signed union praises progress on the huge project

Prospect, the leading union in the nuclear and energy sector, is marking the two-year anniversary of the signing of the Hinkley Point C contracts, by praising the strong partnership work that has happened and by calling for the government to properly support a whole fleet of new build nuclear power stations across the UK.

 Sue Ferns, senior deputy general secretary of Prospect said:


“Across the whole nuclear industry trade unions have a strong record of working alongside employers to make sure that the staff working there are properly supported and rewarded and that the industry is as attractive as possible for those choosing it for their careers.


“This has been the case at Hinkley Point C and more broadly with the agreement in the nuclear sector deal. The approach has meant that despite much negativity from critics, construction of Hinkley Point C continues at a fast pace.


“It’s also increasingly clear that action is needed for the UK to hit its future climate change targets and to guarantee a secure and reliable electricity supply at the same time.


“The best way to do this is for the government to fully commit to a complete new generation of new nuclear power stations as part of the future energy mix.


“If Hinkley Point C ends up as the sole power station of this new generation it will represent a catastrophic missed opportunity to secure our energy future.”