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Letter: Mike Clancy to Rishi Sunak nuclear 24th June 2020
info 25-Jun-2020 16:16
Letter from Mike Clancy to Rishi Sunak regarding support for new nuclear in forthcoming fiscal stimulus package

Submission: Resilience and Recovery through the Covid-19 crisis: state support to sustain the civil aviation sector
info 12-Jun-2020 10:47
Proposal from Prospect on government action to support civil aviation through the Covid-19 pandemic

Submission: Prospect proposal for capacity retention scheme
info 10-Jun-2020 15:59
Air Traffic Services in airports through the Covid-19 crisis: proposal for a Capacity Retention Scheme

Letter: Steve Jary to Kelly Tolhurst NATS ownership May 2020
info 10-Jun-2020 15:54
Letter from Steve Jary to Aviation Minister Kelly Tolhurst regarding the future ownership of NATS in light of pressures caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Letter: Mike Clancy to Boris Johnson HSE 31st May 2020
info 1-Jun-2020 14:49
Prospect has written to the PM regarding his promise of spot-inspections made in May. Although HSE inspectors continue to attend serious incidents such as workplace deaths, alerts to an ongoing risk of serious personal injury and instances where reported safe-distancing concerns are not addressed through a remote inspection it is clear that spot-inspections of the type suggested by the PM are not happening. In our letter we highlight decade long funding cuts and their impact on what HSE is able to do in normal circumstances never mind in the midst of a national pandemic.

Letter: Mike Clancy to Rishi Sunak 27th May 2020
info 27-May-2020 15:05
Letter from Mike Clancy to the Chancellor regarding the future of the Covid-19 income support schemes.

Letter: Mike Clancy to Grant Shapps 23032020
info 24-Mar-2020 16:38
Mike Clancy to Grant Shapps 23032020

Briefing: Budget 2020 - initial briefing
info 12-Mar-2020 17:04
The 2020 Budget was presented in the face of a rapidly evolving awareness of the likely economic and social impact of the global Coronavirus outbreak. Headline announcements focused on relatively short-term measures to mitigate this impact, but the budget also contained significant developments of policy plans set out in the Conservative Party manifesto and election campaign. This briefing focuses on elements likely to be of particular interest to Prospect and Bectu sectors and members. Contents • Introduction • Economic outlook • Freelancers • Public services • Announcements and developments relevant to key sectors o Energy o Environment and Food o Heritage o IT & telecoms o Public services o Science o Transport