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Letter: Mike Clancy to Grant Shapps 23032020
info 24-Mar-2020 16:38
Mike Clancy to Grant Shapps 23032020

Briefing: Budget 2020 - initial briefing
info 12-Mar-2020 17:04
The 2020 Budget was presented in the face of a rapidly evolving awareness of the likely economic and social impact of the global Coronavirus outbreak. Headline announcements focused on relatively short-term measures to mitigate this impact, but the budget also contained significant developments of policy plans set out in the Conservative Party manifesto and election campaign. This briefing focuses on elements likely to be of particular interest to Prospect and Bectu sectors and members. Contents • Introduction • Economic outlook • Freelancers • Public services • Announcements and developments relevant to key sectors o Energy o Environment and Food o Heritage o IT & telecoms o Public services o Science o Transport

Briefing: Environment Bill 2nd Reading Briefing
info 26-Feb-2020 10:24
Briefing for MPs on 2nd Reading of the Environment Bill February 2020

Letter: Responses from candidates for Speaker
info 29-Oct-2019 15:51
Responses from candidates for Speaker of the House of Commons to a letter from Prospect and the FDA concerning the implementation of the recommendations of Dame Laura Cox.

Briefing: Spending Round - initial summary
info 5-Sep-2019 17:10
The 2019 Spending Round sets non-capital (or “Resource”) budgets for all government departments for the financial year 2020-21, determining how much money departments and associated arms length bodies have to spend on pay, recruitment, and other running costs for that year.

Letter: Letter to SoS Theresa Villiers MP
info 26-Jul-2019 14:40
Letter to DEFRA Secretary Theresa Villiers MP

Letter: Prospect to SoS Ben Wallace MP
info 26-Jul-2019 14:37
Letter to new Defence Secretary Ben Wallace MP

Letter: Mike Clancy and Dave Penman to party leaders on civil service
info 24-Jul-2019 11:37
Letter from MC and DP to all UK party leaders on respecting civil service independence