Capacity Market suspension risks jobs warns Prospect

Capacity Market suspension risks jobs warns Prospect

The decision from the European Court that the UK Capacity Market is 'unlawful' is hugely concerning

In a landmark decision the European Court has ruled that the current structure of the UK's Capacity Market system for dealing with peak demand is unlawful. The system has been suspended.

Responding to the suspension Sue Ferns, senior deputy general secretary of Prospect, said:

“The suspension of the capacity market is a worrying development for those working in the energy sector, like the highly skilled workers that Prospect represents.

“This uncertainty has the potential to put jobs and investment at risk as well as raising the possibility that energy prices may need to rise in the short term.

“The government must not let its current paralysis in the face of Brexit stop it from setting out a clear strategy to deal with this. Anything less will not give the energy sector the certainty that consumers and industry needs.

“We will be seeking an urgent meeting with the Department for Energy and Industrial Strategy to discuss the concerns of our members.”

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) said it hoped the scheme would be “reinstated as soon as possible” and that the suspension poses “no issues” for supply.