Government have woken up too late to importance of Galileo

Government have woken up too late to importance of Galileo

Prospect reacts to reports that the government are seeking to keep the UK in the Galileo space programme

Sue Ferns, Prospect senior deputy general secretary, said:

“The government are absolutely right that staying in Galileo is vital to protect the UK space industry, which begs the question of why it has taken nearly two years since the referendum result for the government to mount a serious effort to keep us in.

“Prospect picked out Galileo in our recent submission to the science and technology committee as a key example of how European collaboration has brought high quality STEM jobs to the UK, it is essential that we maintain collaboration on satellite technology as well as on issues like nuclear research and pharmaceuticals.

“With all of this, it is hard to escape the feeling that the government is waking up far too late to the importance of EU science and research programmes, they must now listen to the science community in the UK and negotiate an arrangement that maintains our ability to work across borders, including protecting free movement for scientists and their families.”