Civil service must not be left behind on public sector pay

Civil service must not be left behind on public sector pay

Prospect welcomes the fact that NHS staff are set to receive a pay rise worth around 6.5% over three years, but warn that civil servants must not be left behind.

Public servants with campaign stickers

Responding to the news of a pay deal for NHS staff, Prospect deputy general secretary Garry Graham said:

"Prospect welcomes the lifting of the damaging public sector pay cap for NHS staff, but if the civil service and the wider public sector are left behind then they will not be able to recruit and retain the skilled staff they need to help deliver Brexit and other government policies.

“Independent evidence points to the fact that pay in the civil service lags significantly behind not only the private sector but also other areas of the public sector. 

"The cap now needs to be lifted across the board and the government must urgently act to put funds in place to ensure that all staff are treated fairly”

Prospect reps met at the public services seminar this week to discuss the pay cap and Prospect will be stepping up the campaign in the coming weeks to make sure members across the public sector get a fair recognition of their hard work and dedication.