Audit Office report on Hinkley C is “deeply worrying”

Audit Office report on Hinkley C is “deeply worrying”

Responding to the National Audit Office report into the government’s plans for Hinkley Point C power station, Prospect general secretary Mike Clancy said: “This is a deeply worrying report that highlights the lack of accountability and leadership in British nuclear policy. The UK has the most experienced nuclear workforce in the world but they are being let down by government.

Hinkley point power station

“The nuclear industry faces unprecedented uncertainty over private sector investment, Brexit and government leadership. The National Audit Office has highlighted that the government should be doing more to ensure Hinkley benefits local skills and jobs.

“We will continue to push for the government to develop the skills and capacity for the UK nuclear industry to thrive.”

Prospect also welcomed the report’s call for clarity on who in government is accountable for the different aspects of oversight and governance of the project.

Clancy added: “This report confirms the crying need for joined-up thinking on new nuclear build to meet our future need for secure, reliable energy.

“That’s why Prospect is calling on government to establish a new independent body to champion the industry.

“It’s time for a new deal on nuclear and an end to the years of uncertainty and inconsistency,” Clancy concluded.

Prospect is the largest professional and specialist union in nuclear.