Close gender pay gap to address skills shortages

Close gender pay gap to address skills shortages, says Prospect

Specialists’ union Prospect says efforts to close the gender pay gap must be redoubled in the interests of both fairness and the economy. It follows research from the IFS think tank showing that women’s remuneration still lags men’s by 18% on average, with the gap widening when women decide to have children.

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In conjunction with professional body the IET, Prospect recently drew up employers’ guidance for recruiting and retaining women in STEM jobs, in part to address skills shortages in areas like science, technology and engineering. Prospect and IET drew on research that identified unequal pay and issues around women returning to work as significant barriers.

“Unequal pay is only one part of what makes up the overall gender pay gap,” said Prospect deputy vice president Eleanor Wade, who successfully challenged unequal pay at the Intellectual Property Office.

“What the IFS report highlights is that women progress through their careers more slowly and that this is especially the case after they've had children. 

“Prospect’s work with the Institution of Engineering and Technology seeks to ensure that returners to STEM roles aren't held back and are able to fulfil their potential. This is important for women but it's also important for businesses and the economy not to be wasting talent. 

“Our women members working in STEM have told us that the lack of good opportunities in part-time or flexible working roles is a significant barrier to their career development so we're encouraging employers to think again about how job roles are defined.” 

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