Prospect calls for evidence of science at risk

Prospect calls for evidence of science at risk

Prospect’s science, engineering and sustainability advisory committee is collating evidence of UK science at risk through loss of skills and threats to funding.

The union is asking members in science and engineering to send in their comments to help develop a compelling case for a better approach.

Sue Ferns, the union’s director of communictions and research said: “Prospect wants to see STEM skills embedded as part of a pathway to high quality economic growth. We want get a better picture of staff pressures in the private sector and secure an independent review of specialist pay for scientists and engineers in the civil service.

“All information – however brief – will be extremely useful. If there are sensitivities about naming organisations, we would be happy to anonymise your feedback.”

Questions to consider include:

  • Has your area of work benefited from investment in capital? Does a lack of skilled staff or other restrictions on resource budgets mean that the full potential of this investment is not being realised?
  • Is contractorisation or outsourcing depleting in-house expertise? Will this have longer-term implications for costs and capability?
  • Is there work that is no longer been done in your organisation, perhaps due to reductions in staff and/or changes in political priorities? Are we potentially storing up problems by not doing this work? What is the scope for ministerial embarrassment?
  • Are there threats to the continuity of long-term datasets? What would be the consequences of disrupting the sequence of long-term monitoring?
  • Is Britain well prepared for emerging challenges? If not, what needs to be done?

Please send comments to [email protected] by 16 December.