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Grahame Robinson 1959-2020
11-Nov-2020 11:35

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Circular: Standard: MOD Group Annual Report 2020-2021
info 26-Apr-2021 15:50
MOD Group Annual Report 2020-2021

Circular: Standard: Rosyth RRA: Members Update
info 18-Jan-2021 15:15
Rosyth RRA: Members Update

Circular: Standard: MOD ADC 2021 Calling Notice (with forms)
info 15-Jan-2021 14:26
MOD ADC 2021 Calling Notice (with forms)

Circular: Standard: Government Communications Service - Members Update November 2020
info 9-Dec-2020 16:24
Government Communications Service - Members Update November 2020

Briefing: 2020 Spending Review - initial analysis and briefing
info 26-Nov-2020 09:15
The 2020 Spending Review sets non-capital (or “Resource”) budgets for all Government Departments for the financial year 2021-22, determining how much money Departments and associated Arms-Length Bodies have to spend on pay, recruitment and other running costs for that year. It therefore has important consequences for civil servants and anyone working in the public sector, as well as for citizens, businesses and communities who benefit from their work. This briefing sets out initial analysis of the new economic forecasts and budget allocations published with the Spending Review, and highlights announcements and developments of particular interest to Prospect and Bectu sectors.

Submission: Review into the UK’s defence and security industrial strategy - Prospect submission
info 12-Oct-2020 11:42
Prospect submission to the government's integrated defence review. The submission focuses on: The context of the defence review; The importance of a defence industrial strategy; Emerging technologies and skills; The importance of socio-economic factors; Nurturing the defence industrial base and The department’s role as an intelligent customer.

Local newsletter: MODEye - July 2020
info 14-Jul-2020 08:42
July MODEye covering:Covid 19: Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) Formal Disagreement on Principles and Protocols 2m Social Distancing vs. One Metre Plus: DAN 21 Covid 19: FAQs Overtime – TOIL or Payment: Don’t lose out Annual Leave Carry Over - 15 days automatically and more by exception School Holidays Quarantine Resetting Employee Relations – Proposed ER Review being Considered Pay 2020: Negotiations Paused – Secretary of State Sign Off of Remit Awaited Moving between the MOD and its Agencies: Recurring Issues Announcement on Single Employer Model for Government Communications

Circular: Standard: Cabinet Office - State of the Estate in 2018-19
info 12-Feb-2020 14:40
Cabinet Office - State of the Estate in 2018-19

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