Review of past asset-related incidents

Energy sector openly shares review of accidents

The review is likely to be of interest not only to members in the energy sector but anyone in related asset-management, engineering or health and safety professional work.

The Energy Networks Association and Energy UK health and safety managers have helpfully shared a collection of past incidents in an effort to promote learning and preventing such accidents and tragedies from happening again. This is part of the Powering Improvement strategy which, in 2012, focussed on asset management and maintenance.

The successful asset management roadshow continues to be rolled out this year. In the meantime, click here for a presentation on BP Texas City disaster or click here and then wait 10 minutes to download the HSE animation of the tapchange incident that tragically killed a Prospect member in Chelmsford on 7 May 2008 (for which UKPN pleaded guilty in January 2013).