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A safety rep for all seasons
24-Feb-2020 15:35

Is your PPE fit for purpose?
6-Dec-2019 09:21


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Members' guide: Lyme and tick-borne diseases
info 1-Sep-2021 13:41
This guide for reps outlines the main tick-borne infections, how the risk should be managed in the workplace and provides suggestions for engaging with the employer in the management of the risk.

Members' guide: Media and social media
info 1-Sep-2021 13:35
This guide addresses how Prospect reps and branches may engage with the media or use social media to campaign or raise issues or awareness of a branch.

Members' guide: Safely using devices with screens at work – including remote working
info 1-Sep-2021 00:01
This guidance is for members who work with devices with screens – desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones – collectively known as display screen equipment, or DSE.

Circular: Standard: Covid update
info 16-Jul-2021 16:28
A note to branches regarding the UK government intention to remove Covid restrictions in England on 19 July and relax the existing workplace coronavirus guidance. The lifting of restrictions is moving at a slower pace in the three other nations of the UK. Prospect and other unions have raised issues and concerns with the Cabinet Office and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Separate discussions are also taking place in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Leaflet/booklet: Prospect stress and mental health checklist
info 27-Apr-2021 09:05
A 10-point checklist to appraise employer practices around promoting good mental health.

Submission: Prospect response to Islands Impact Assessment on HIAL remote access project
info 28-Oct-2020 10:42
Prospect trade union response to the Islands Impact Assessment on Highlands and Islands Airports remote towers ATC project

Submission: A report for Prospect on the procurement of a new Air Traffic Management System for Highlands and Islands Airports
info 28-Oct-2020 10:27
Report commissioned by Prospect on the procurement of a remote towers air traffic management system for Highlands and Islands Airports

Briefing: Managing disparities in risk: The role of ethnicity in COVID-19 health and safety
info 2-Jul-2020 11:48
Health and safety briefing on identifying workplace risks due to COVID-19, clarifying whether there is an increased risk for BAME workers and mitigating these risks.