Telereal Trillium Pay 2011

Telereal Trillium Pay 2011

Negotiations have now concluded with Telereal Trillium on 2011 Pay. Your Prospect Branch Committee has concluded that this is the best deal that can be achieved through negotiation and have voted to accept the final offer as outlined in the company's letter.

This year's pay deal contains only one element - a flat increase of 3% for the population covered by the Prospect collective bargaining agreement. The increase in the pay pot for the Prospect collectively bargained area of 3% is below the inflation figure that was used as the basis of the negotiations (May 2011 RPI was 5.2%).

It was clear during the course of the negotiations the pressure that Telereal Trillium is under, particularly through the cost implications of the renegotiated BT contract and the potential strategies of the Coalition Government in the public sector. Prospect will continue to use RPI as a guide for future pay agreements and Telereal Trillium have stated that this will be their intention too.

However, the increase of 3% does compare well against the background of current deals within the private sector and public sector.

In a break from previous years, for this year both the ex-BT population and the Telereal Trillium new hire population the increase will be paid as a flat percentage increase of 3% where appropriate.

Your Branch Committee remains committed to ensuring that we bring as many individuals to at least the mid-point as possible whilst still providing an increase for those above the mid-point, and in the past have used a matrix to enable this to happen. However, due to demographic changes mainly caused by the recent voluntary release programme this option was limited. This is an issue that the Branch will have to return to next year and we would welcome comments on members on how they believe this can be best achieved in the future.

Your Branch Committee accepted this offer after much consideration and considers it as being the best that can be achieved by negotiation. It is hoped that following the acceptance of this offer that increases will be paid to individuals in time to be processed in the June 2011 pay roll.

It is clear that the role of the Branch Committee in this process has been positive and has influenced Telereal Trillium's position on pay and its final offer. We can only achieve this with the active support and involvement of our members in Telereal Trillium.

If you have any questions about this pay offer please contact myself or the Telereal Trillium Branch Committee.

New Branch Committee Members

Many of you will know that long time Prospect union representative, Mick Seaman, will be leaving Telereal Trillium. I am sure that all of the branch will want to join the Branch Committee in thanking Mick for all his hard work for union members, his comradeship and his professionalism. We all wish him well for the future.

However, the Branch continues and as Mick's departure leaves such a large hole we are replacing him with two new representatives, George Rizzo and John Reid.

If you would like to be more involved in your branch please contact us. All members can help to strengthen our voice by reminding non-members of the important role of Prospect and the benefits of membership, and asking them to join us.