Vodafone Field Support for Cells Out of Service Trial

Vodafone Field Support for Cells Out of Service Trial

Prospect has been contacted by members working in the field on the Vodafone contract who have expressed concern about a change in approach to call-out which has had the impact of increasing the amount of time some members have spent on-call.

We have approached Ericsson about this and they have confirmed that they are conducting a trial. We have stressed that a trial-period needs to have a defined end-date and they have agreed that it will conclude on Monday 12 March. After this Prospect and Ericsson will meet to consult on the findings and any recommendations.

In our discussions we have sought and received assurance from Ericsson that the trial does not introduce changes to your terms and conditions. We have highlighted that should there be any significant changes to working arrangements, or custom and practice that these would need to be consulted over and Ericsson has agreed to that.

Clearly members are still covered by their contracts as well as relevant health and safety and working time directives, and having highlighted our concerns to them Ericsson has confirmed that it understands that requests to engineers to work additional hours need to be mindful of that during this trial-period in line with the duty of care.

Information can be found at the following internal sites as well and we have included external advice also.

Health and Safety Link


Working Time Directive Link


Other Sources Of Advice



We have been clear that Prospect will not accept undue pressure being placed on members to work outside of these protections, and should you experience any please contact either Ken Harwood, Andy Agar or Martin Wills as a matter of urgency. We would also like to have feedback from members to assist us once the trial-period ends after the next two weekends.