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Briefing: Complaining to the enforcing authority about work-related stress
info 9-Jan-2020 10:04
The Health and Safety Executive has released new criteria which explain how and in what circumstances it will respond employee complaints about work-related stress. This briefing explains the HSE’s approach and signposts reps to further information.

Briefing: Energy sector health and safety bulletin April 2019
info 12-Apr-2019 15:46
Prospect's energy sector health and safety bulletin for April 2019, looking the our recent health and safety conference, DNO incidents and a new air pollution campaign.

Briefing: Prospect health and safety bulletin March 2019
info 11-Mar-2019 10:01
This update looks at unpaid overtime, Workers' Memorial Day and the factors influencing a successful return to work

Circular: Standard: Health and safety conference, 3 April 2019 - invitation to express interest
info 23-Jan-2019 09:00
Prospect will hold its seventh health and safety conference on 3 April. It will focus on stress and mental health, which continues to be a Prospect priority. We invite you to express an interest in attending.

Agreement: Fair Work Agreement with Scottish Government
info 13-Nov-2018 09:33
Fair Work Agreement covering Scottish Government main bargaining area

Briefing: Energy health and safety bulletin August 2018
info 13-Aug-2018 14:27
In this edition, we highlight Prospect's new guidance on workplace temperature, an analysis showing that millions of employees do not get to take their full leave entitlement, and how sickness absence has hit an all-time low

Local newsletter: Highways England December 2016 Newletter
info 9-Jan-2017 13:11
Latest News for Highways England Section members - December 2016 news

Circular: Standard: Consultation - Improving Lives Green Paper Work Health & Disability
info 21-Nov-2016 18:12
Circular inviting contributions to consultation on Work Health & Disability