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Briefing: Four day working week
info 29-Apr-2024 10:37
This briefing provides information on the campaign for a Four Day Week.

Members' guide: Members' guide to preventing work-related stress
info 16-Mar-2020 11:24
Advice and support for preventing work-related stress

Briefing: Toolkit: How good is my employer’s stress risk assessment?
info 9-Apr-2019 13:49
This toolkit will help health and safety representatives to: assess their organisation’s performance in managing the causes of work-related stress; evaluate their employer’s stress risk assessment; and have a clear focus on implementing primary-level interventions to prevent or minimise the causes of work-related stress.

Agreement: Fair Work Agreement with Scottish Government
info 13-Nov-2018 09:33
Fair Work Agreement covering Scottish Government main bargaining area

Circular: Standard: Consultation - Improving Lives Green Paper Work Health & Disability
info 21-Nov-2016 18:12
Circular inviting contributions to consultation on Work Health & Disability

Attachment: BT Consumer Sales & Service Management Attendance
info 14-Jul-2015 15:23
BT Consumer Sales & Service Management Attendance

Presentation: Stress Stigma Solutions - introductory presentation by Sarah Page
info 13-Mar-2014 16:52
Presentation delivered by Prospect H&S Officer at Prospect H&S Conference 2014 for the launch of new stress pack

Leaflet/booklet: Raising our sights: good work in a fairer and stronger economy
info 27-Jan-2014 09:45
Our six key components of good work are: Secure, interesting, fulfilling jobs; a culture based on trust and fairness; choice and control over hours; reward and effort in balance; degree of control over pace of work and environment; employee voice.