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Prospect Demo Branch

Hello and welcome to Prospect's demonstration eBranch. This is the public home page - anybody can access it at the URL All our eBranch URLs follow the same format, the last three digits being your branch number. 

Please do not amend the content on this page.

Our eBranches are mini websites, within the 'wrapper' of our national website. Branch reps control the content themselves - no need for special software or html programming skills, just a web browser.

Public contentpublic content

An eBranch can have up to ten public pages: a home page; a 'join us' page (which automatically includes a link to our national online joining page); and eight pages which branches can define for themselves. The system automatically generates navigation links for the pages on the right-hand side.

Members-only content

members-only featuresAn eBranch also has a number of features which can only be seen by logged-in members of the branch concerned:

  • news updates
  • document downloads (eg branch newsletters)
  • a branch discussion forum
  • up to five members-only web pages which branches can define for themselves. Again, the system automatically generates navigation links to those pages.

Useful features for reps

reps' featuresThere's a mass email facility which uses the email addresses held on our main database. This enables branch reps to email all their members (or reps, or health and safety reps etc) without the need to maintain their own distribution lists.

And key branch reps can get online access to lists of their current members, plus recent joiners and leavers.

The layout and formatting of the pages is controlled by our national website template. This is partly to ensure consistency and accessibility, and partly to make the system easy for branches to manage - they don't need to worry about fonts, colours, style sheets or navigation links. They can use graphics on their pages. (We've used some cheap and cheerful examples on this page, but we're still working on guidelines for sensible use of images.)

Try it out

try it outLog into our website using the guest user name and password you've been given. Then click on the link to 'your eBranch'. You'll see the members' home page for the demo eBranch, along with navigation links to the other members-only pages. On the right-hand side you'll also see a new navigation box containing links to all the admin facilities.

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