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Prospect Fire Leaders Association

Welcome to the Fire Leaders Association branch of Prospect.

Previously known as APFO (Association of Principal Fire Officers) we exist to promote and protect the interests of those who lead the UK Fire and Rescue Service

Professionals together

The Association of Principal Fire Officers (APFO) Branch of Prospect union has now changed its name to the Fire Leaders Association (FLA) with effect from 1st January 2018. The change reflects the range of senior strategic leaders represented by the Association within Prospect union.

The aim of the FLA remains to represent and promote the interests of Fire & Rescue Service strategic leaders individually and collectively on pay, pensions, and conditions of service matters, and to provide individual advice, support and representation on discipline, legal, and other matters. The Association is recognised by the Home Office; Fire & Rescue Authorities; and other key stakeholders as the representative body for strategic leaders for collective consultation; negotiation; and individual representation.

Prospect is not affiliated to any political party but does lobby politicians across the political spectrum on issues that matter to its members.

Prospect represents people like you – professionals in hazardous and security-critical areas including:

  • Airport fire managers
  • Metropolitan Police civilians (specialists)
  • Atomic Weapons Establishment staff
  • Ministry of Defence civilians
  • Health and Safety Executive specialists and inspectors
  • Nuclear engineers, scientists and regulators
  • Air traffic controllers and engineers.

Why join FLA in Prospect?

FLA is a branch within Prospect and retains its identity. Prospect branches are the key unit of organisation. Most of them are employer-based and match the employer’s organisational structure as far as possible.

Prospect employs specialist staff like pension officers, a legal team, a health and safety specialist and experienced negotiators.

Prospect is proactive and responsive. FLA members have an experienced national negotiator allocated to support them.

Useful personal benefits

Prospect offers a quality package of benefits and services. Our personal injury scheme gives legal assistance to any member – and their dependents – who suffers injury or disease caused by a third party. We also provide:

  • a 24-hour legal helpline on non-work issues
  • member-only cashback and comparison service with exclusive deals
  • financial and insurance services
  • a free will writing service
  • health, dental and optical services.

Who can join the FLA branch?

Brigade and other senior managers who are employed by a recognised public sector UK fire and rescue organisation can join the FLA branch.


The views expressed on this site are not necessarily the views of Prospect nationally.