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Why join?

Why join?

Being part of a union gives you support and representation at work.

As a member of Prospect, you'll be fully informed about work-related matters, provided with advice so you understand the implications of any changes, and able to influence decisions made by the Fund through member consultations

Prospect specialises in looking after people who work in the public sector, making us well placed to represent members in the Fund.

We're also not affiliated to a political party, which means that we're truly independent and able to campaign on the issues that are important to our members.

Negotiating and representing

We negotiate with the Fund on issues such as pay, policies, and terms and conditions of service, and we meet regularly with senior management to discuss matters important to our members.

We make sure your voice is heard and your views represented on the issues that affect your working life - and the more of us there are, the louder that voice is.

We have a positive and constructive relationship with the Fund and work hard to find solutions which work well for our members and the Fund. We also meet regularly with our CEO. We are however not afraid to challenge when the need arises, and if necessary, can use the backing of Prospect head office to give us extra power.

Helping you with problems at work

We can give you personal support if you have a problem in the workplace - whether you need advice on an issue, representation in relation to a grievance, or just an informal, confidential chat to get something off your chest.

Please be aware that we can't help you with pre-existing problems when you join. By becoming a member, you'll therefore have the reassurance of knowing you have our support if you need it.

Keeping you informed

We hold regular meetings in all offices throughout the UK. These are a chance for you to hear what's going on at the Fund and a confidential space for you to raise and discuss any concerns.

Your local rep is also happy to have a chat or answer any questions.

Members get regular email briefings and updates, keeping them up to date with the latest news, both from the Fund and the wider Prospect Union.

Saving you money

Your membership gives you access to many free and discounted benefits, including:

  • a will writing service
  • a 24-hour legal helpline
  • financial, debt and mortgage advice
  • home, personal injury and car insurance.

See all the additional benefits on the Prospect website

Remember, we are run by members for our members - our own version of members in the lead.