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Prospect James Hutton Institute

Prospect is a recognised Trade Union for all scientific and other specialised staff in the following Scottish Research Establishments:

  • Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland
  • The James Hutton Institute - Aberdeen
  • Moredun Research Institute
  • Roslin Institute
  • Rowett Research Institute
  • The James Hutton Institute - Dundee

We are YOUR union, and in most of the above organisations, the only one recognised by your employer to negotiate all aspects of your terms & conditions of employment including pay, pensions, leave and entitlements.

Prospect has a high profile in the various Scottish Research Establishments as we make representations to Scottish Government Ministers over issues such as public science funding. Furthermore,  Prospect is politically neutral which allows us to challenge any political party in support of the membership.

Your branch and local committees are currently negotiating issues on your behalf with the support of a full time union official. These include; annual pay awards, health and safety, individual grievances, redundancy policy and annual leave.

Our members only pages contain a wealth of information about Branch activities and may be accessed when you login to the members section of the Prospect website by clicking on 'Your eBranch'.

The views expressed on this site are not necessarily the views of Prospect nationally.